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Chimney Cleaning

Chimney Cleaning

Here at Inline Home Services we provide you with a thoroughly cleaned chimney by having a dust free environment,clean firebox remove damper and clean the chimney to prevent creosote built up that could cause blockage and chimney fire. Animal debris such as the nesting can be found in which we also clean.  A well maintained wood burning appliance is not only more energy efficient but also extends the life of your system.

A wood burning fireplace or stove should be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. When wood burns, it creates smoke. This smoke creates soot and tar on the inside of the chimney. The tar, called creosote, can become flammable when it builds up. The purpose of sweeping the chimney is to get the creosote buildup out of the chimney so that it vents properly and most importantly a chimney fire is prevented.

We offer a complete inspection and evaluation of your fireplace and chimney.

Helpful Prevention’s:

  • Ensure your home is safe from chimney fires
  • Keep yourself and your loved ones away from toxic gases
  • Always keep a clean, healthy air circulation
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