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This is the company to go to! I got my ducts cleaned and it was fantastic, they showed me all the dirt that was collected after the process. Very friendly and cooperative technicians as well as customer service representatives. They did such a good job I let them clean furnace as well. I am more than pleased with Inline Home Services. Great job!

-Patricia F.

I had my chimney cleaned with this company and what can I say they did a great job! The technicians are well mannered and very friendly, they showed up on time and performed an inspection then laid out the dangers I was facing with my chimney. I'm glad I contacted Inline Home Services, I had no idea my chimney was that bad. They performed a thoroughly cleaning inside the chimney from the roof and from the entry. I couldn't have asked for anything better than Inline Home Services!

-Bruce O.

My A/C wasn't working properly one day, I noticed the house becoming hotter rather than cooler. I called Inline Home Services as they had previously attended my house for a duct cleaning appointment which they did a superb job on, that is why I had decided to call them again! Not only did they fulfill another incredible job on my A/C problem but they presented me a coupon for the next visit. For sure all my HVAC needs is staying with Inline Home Services. They serve excellent skills, fast and dependable services, and helpful workers.

-Michelle C.

This company knows what they are doing, they served my house for a furnace cleaning appointment and what can I say, they did a great job! The technician were great at explaining the procedure and gave me helpful hints on how to maintain the furnace, not only did they execute a terrific job but they allowed me to see how much they had done.

-Sandra A.

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